Before contacting me with your queries be sure to browse this list to see if it has already been answered. Thanks.
Q: What inspired the story of Diskordia?
A: Life, living and everything in between. Diskordia is my way of interpreting the human experience. Its fears, hopes and loves while being as entertaining as possible. I can’t really get any more specific than that for now.
Q: What are your influences?
A: Some examples that come to mind in no particular order or medium: Zdzizlaw Beksinski, Jamie Hewlitt, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Johnen Vasquez, Goerge R.R Martin, David Lynch, David Fincher, Bengal, Eiichiro Oda, Ayame Kojima, Michael Hussar, Matteo Delongis and many more…
Q: Will you print Diskordia?
A: As of January 2018 Book one (issues 1-5) is in print and Book 2 (issues 6-9) is in the process of being printed. Stay tuned for details on how to get yourself a copy.
Q: How long will Diskordia be?
A: I have a general idea of the overall scope of the story and the ending. As of now there will be about 7 story arcs. This is just an estimate though as I’ll likely add stuff along the way.
Q: Is Jackal Black based on you?
A: Yes and no. I borrowed from my younger self a bit to inform his personality and views but Jackal is his own man with his own experiences and as he grows throughout the story he will come to his own conclusions.
Q: Why is she called Squidgirl when she wears an Octopus?
A: Because I prefer drawing octopi to Squids and Squidgirl sounds better than Octopus-girl.
Q: Will there be merchandise for the series?
A: Definitely. I plan to start small to test the waters fairly soon with a t-shirt design or two. In the future I have plenty of merchandise ideas such as plushies, models, prints and anything else I can think of.
Q: What is your process for creating an issue like?
A: After I have a general idea of the contents of an issue I write out a page estimate in a notebook. This is a list of the events that will happen and an estimate of how much panel time I think each event will have. This helps a lot when I move onto the thumbnail script. A thumbnail script is a rough visual outline of the issue complete with a rough version of the script. (I never bother to write out a script as I feel the TS kills two birds with one stone). After this is done I move onto pencils which I do on paper. Next is digital inks, then flats, then renders followed by graphic design and letters which is the final stage before proofreading.
Q: What programs/tools do you use?
A: I do my roughs on 8×11 computer paper and Pencils in a standard 14×17 sketchpad. I use a 2B drawing pencil in these stages for the most part. Occasionally I’ll go as soft as 5B to make lines stand out. I use a cheap camera to digitize the pencils then take it into Photoshop cs6 where I do the inks and colours. For lettering and graphic design I use Illustrator cs6
Q: Are you on drugs when you create?
A: Only Caffeine.
Q: Diskordia is trippy as all fuck. What does it all mean?
A: That’s for you to interpret.
Q: Do you take commissions and how do I commission you if you do?
A: Yes. For commission questions you can use the contact function on this website or email me at
Q: Will you draw my comic?
A: No.
Q: What is Diskordia’s release schedule?
A: The aim is to release Diskordia issues on a quarterly schedule. This rarely works out however because I need to work on client work to pay my bills. Hopefully I will be able to improve the release schedule as Diskordia becomes more popular and self-sustaining. My goal is to eventually hire a flatter and work full time so I can bump up the releases to 5 or even 6 issues per year.
Q: Why did you decide to self-publish?
A: Mainly because I had a vision and didn’t want to deviate from it in any way. (Yes I’m a control freak) Thanks to the changing landscape of the business being a self-publisher is a very viable pathway for creators who are willing to work hard to promote their work. I am however open to partnering with the right publisher who has the right offer. I’ll have to become successful on my own first to Have enough bargaining power to negotiate an advantageous deal with a publisher though.
Q: Do you have any other stories in the works?
A: Yes. However Diskordia is my main priority so those alternate projects won’t be seeing the light of day for a while.
Q: Can I use your art for my own projects?
A: Generally as long as you aren’t making money off of the project and you credit me clearly on the work then it is okay. For commercial inquiries please contact me at
Q: Can I get your art as a tattoo?
A: Sure. I only have one condition: be sure to send me the finished results.
Q: Will you be showing up at any conventions in the US, UK, Canada?
Hopefully sometime soon. Travelling is expensive and for the time being I’m quite broke. That will definitely be a priority for me after I have some volumes in print though.
Q: I really enjoy Diskordia, is there any way to support it?
A: Yes. The primary way is through my patreon for Diskordia (link is on the homepage). You can also purchase issues through Comixology. Also, tell your friends and spread the word. Every little bit counts!
Q: I heard you had a successful Kickstarter to print the first Book. Where the hell is it?
A: The Book has been printed but I have run into Importation issues that have led to a substantial delay. It’s unfortunate but stay tuned as I try to resolve this issue as soon as I can.
Q: What comics, books, movies, media would you recommend to a fan of Diskordia?
A: That’s a VERY long list. But here are some of my favs: Comics: The Sandman, Transmetropolitan, The Maxx, Zero Girl, The Invisibles, Scott Pilgrim, Bone, Watchmen(cliché pick yes but it really is THAT amazing) Berserk, One Piece, Saga, Tank Girl, Johnny the Homicidal maniac
Movies: Fight Club, Inception, Donnie Darko, Anything by Charlie Kaufman, Anything by David Lynch
Q: How do I get started in comics?
A: First step is to become a major consumer of the medium you wish to enter. In this case comics; Read as much you possibly can, figure out what kind of stories you like and try to decipher what it is about them that you enjoy so you can eventually apply it to your own work. Explore other mediums in the same way such as films and novels. Good storytelling is universal. Explore other cultures too. Inspiration is everywhere.
The next step is to pick up a pencil and hone your skills. Mostly you will learn by doing. Start drawing and writing comics and watch your skill grow.
Q: Don’t see your question here?
Just shoot me a line through the contact form on this site or through my email: